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Here's what I'm up to:


My writing friends. I've just returned from an annual writing retreat (#countryroadsretreat) and it was glorious. I've had a really rough/busy last few months (Thanksgiving out of town, husband's emergency appendectomy/healing process, sick toddler, Christmas, in-laws visiting for a week, stomach flu that had me puking so violently I threw out my back #awesome...) and I haven't written since the end of November. But after this past weekend with some of my best writing friends? I'm finally, finally getting back on track.



My own manuscript! I've got 46,000 words in this sexy (sexyyyy) romantic suspense from back in November so I'm re-reading and submerging myself in the story and with my characters. And I have to say, I love love this book! I think I'll be announcing both the book and series titles soon, so sign up for my newsletter or join my Facebook reader group if you want to be among the first to know.


Five episodes in a row of Impractical Jokers the night my buddy Alison Miller arrived for the retreat. Damn that shit is so uncomfortably funny. Also, the Critic's Choice Awards over the weekend, for which Amy Schumer's speeches made the show hilarious. #drunkcelebsforthewin

Listening To

Adele. Always. And Jasmine Thompson because her voice is like spun glass, just gorgeous. Both are lovely to write to!

Thinking About

Better time management. I've gotten really into Pure Barre and I take my classes at 5 and 6am during the weekdays, which is when I used to write. Now that I'm writing again... I have to figure out how to fit it in without giving up the workouts that I'm pretty sure are saving my life. (I had gestational diabetes so now I'm super paranoid about diabetes and getting an hour workout in 5-6 days a week makes me feel SO much better about it all.) But it's really hard to balance. Writing, writing business stuffs, working out, family time, being a stay-at-home mom, housework and daily things. I don't know how the hell people do it!


Finishing this manuscript--I have to take a long, hard look at my schedule for it because I have a bunch of signings coming up, starting in April, and I'd love to have this book available at some of them. And also, hubs booked us a getaway to Mexico in a couple of months for our anniversary and I can't waitttttt. (And it's also awesome because if you read the wishing section of my last currently post, I literally wished for a way to take a trip somewhere with him.)


We'd won the Billion Dollar Powerball. Don't pretend like you weren't wishing for the same thing.

Making Me Happy

Being home with the peanut. Getting away for the retreat was amazing, but I have such a hard time being away from her! (Now, ask me again later when she's throwing a tantrum and I might say something different :P )

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