Apollycon 2017 (and 2018!)

Wellp, it's been, let's see... an entire freaking year since I last posted. 

I had some personal stuff to take care of and, because of it, took a long writing hiatus. And then I couldn't figure out how to get back into my writing groove. BUT thank god for writer friends, because mine have been a constant support with check ins and lunches and retreats--and they pushed be back into my current draft.

(Which, for the record, is a romantic suspense that I've finally finished and love just as much as I did when I started it way back when. More on that another time, though.)

I just got back from Apollycon in Orlando, one of the best and most energizing signings I've had yet in my career. Jennifer L. Armentrout and her organizers are amazing. I met so many readers and bloggers--both new and old. (Dude, some of my readers brought my books from home. Like, they'd already read them multiple times and were actually excited to meet me. I mean, what?) AND I also hung out with some completely brilliant authors, some new, some known. I did my best not to fangirl too hard. But it wasn't easy. 

Actually, now that I think about it--the first Apollycon back in 2015 was my first ever signing, and I had an absolute blast back then too. So I'm even more excited to be a part of the lineup for next year's event in DC! 

And speaking of signings, I'll be in Roanoke for the Roanoke Author Invasion in a week and a half (April 8) so come see me if you're in the area. I've got fun stuff lined up for the next year, some announced, some not quite yet, but I'll keep my events page updated. 

xo Riley