Currently #3

I love when Katy posts these because it reminds me to do them too :)

Here's what I'm up to:


I've started getting up early again to write (5:30am oh yeah) and I'm loving it. I had a few weeks of not doing it and thought it'd be way harder to get back in the habit, but it hasn't been. I started today with over 400 fresh words before the peanut woke up, which means while she naps, I'll be ready to pick up the flow again (instead of effing around online for a good hour first while waiting for yesterday's motivation to kick in, ha). 


I had the pleasure of an early read for Elizabeth Briggs' upcoming sexy, rockstar romance, More than Once. If you've read her Chasing the Dream series, you'll know the two stars of this book, Becca and Andy--though he goes by Andrew these days. (And is so, so yummy.) I think it's Liz's best book to date. It's sexy and emotional and I can't remember when I've rooted more for a main character than I did for Becca. 


Okay. I'm totally obsessed with a show called Mr. Robot on USA. N and I are marathoning it (read: one episode a night after the peanut goes to bed, if we don't pass out first) and I can't get enough. Awkward mega hacker MC and all these dark, broken characters twisted into a super high stakes plot. It's on demand right now and will somebody please FOR THE LOVE watch it so we can discuss?? 

Listening To

The new Adele song. God. Her voice is just pure and deep and gorgeous. I really can't wait till the full album drops in November!

I, ahem, also (kinda accidentally) am digging some of Bieber's new tunes. I know. I know. Judge all you want. I don't even care though.

Thinking About

Figuring out how to better organize my life. Starting with my home. We have so much clutter. And it's not that I want a pristine, sterile house that doesn't look lived in. But I have to declutter. I donated 15 boxes of clothes/kitchen wares/books/etc to Purple Heart last week, but it barely made a dent. I just know I'm happier and more motivated when I'm in a neat space. But I've never gotten to the point that keeping things neat comes easily to me. Womp womp. I need to read Marie Kondo's book--which I own--but I don't feel like I have the energy to make such a huge commitment...


Definitely still the Margie Lawson Immersion Master Class retreat I have in a couple of weeks. I'm nervous because my WIP's been stalled due to life things and it's not nearly as close to completion as I'd hoped it would be, but even that doesn't still the excitement that rushes my veins whenever I think about the class! 


I had a gazillion dollars and could take a trip somewhere tropical and fabulous with N. I've been going through old photographs in preparation for this year's holiday album (for the peanut's grandparents) and I stumbled across an album of photos from a trip we took to Jamaica a few years ago. We looked so young and happy and relaxed. I'd love to hit that level of contentment again :) 

Making Me Happy

Getting back into my romantic suspense WIP! It's been such a fun challenge trying to tackle the suspense part (romance is second nature for me) and I can't wait to finish it, revise the hell out of it, and hear what early readers think.  I think I'll have info to share about the first book (title, synopsis, release date, etc) soon! 


What are you currently up to?