Ready. Set. Write! 2015 {Week 1}

Hey lovers. Just gonna dive right in here:

1. How I did on last week's goals:

Get up at 5:30 every weekday to work for a couple hours before the peanut wakes up. 

Um, I think I did this most days? I can't remember. I need to be better at keeping track of this--and I can say for certain Elodie texting me in the am was SUPER helpful.

Continue researching for--and add 5-10k to--RS. 

I did a *lot* of research, but came just shy of 5000 new words. Sigh. I'd hoped my goal was aiming low. Especially as this week will be low again because I'll be out of town this weekend...

Beta for Elodie!

I started reading this novella--and it is good, y'all. Like be jealous I'm reading it before you good. :)

Take my daughter someplace fun!

Went to a winery which was fun for both of us, hehe. Also, we set up some fun water toys in our back yard and she had a freaking blast. Maybe it's cheating because it's not going someplace new, but I'm counting it anyway because it's so fun for her.

2. My goals for this week:

Get up at 5:30 every weekday to work for a couple hours before the peanut wakes up.

Continue researching for--and add 3-5k to--RS.

More marketing setup for 

Truth & Temptation.

Finish betaing for Elodie!

Take my daughter someplace fun!

3. A favorite line from my story: 

A moment my heroine and her hero run into each other at the grocery store and, of course, get into it. Because they hate each other. Well, she loves him, but she pretends she hates him because it's easier to deal with what he feels for her...

"You have no idea what I think," he said. 

"Yeah? So you don't think I'm a lying, manipulative bitch who almost ruined your life?" 

"Okay. You have some idea of what I think." His eyes flashed. Humor? Irritation? She couldn't be sure her hope for the former wasn't disguising the latter. 

4. Biggest challenge I faced this week:

Ugh. This story ripped through me at first and now I'm hitting a wall. Walls are very common for me when I'm working through the middle of a book, but I'm still very much in the beginning, and it's really frustrating me. Even my "favorite" lines above from my WIP? I don't love them. I just kinda Russian roulette-ed it and skimmed for the least sucky lines from the past week. #pitypartyforone

I focused a lot on launch things for Truth & Temptation, so I'm hoping my divided focus had something to do with the stall on my WIP, but...idk.

5. Something I love about my WIP

The good news is I *do* still love my WIP. I just have to funnel that love into ability to move forward. The thing I REALLY love right now is how much fun third POV is to write. I've written first for years and years, so I was nervous about switching. But this? This makes me never, ever want to go back to first...

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