Ready. Set. Write! 2015 {Update 3}

Here we gooooo:

1. How I did on last week's goals:

Get up at 5:30 every weekday to work for a couple hours before the peanut wakes up. 

Um, nope. Elodie tried AGAIN to get me up. But, again, I sucked. Here's a sample of what our text messages looked like all week:

Elodie's fucking awesome. I'm the worst texter-backer in the history of the world. (Also hop hop hop is a thing my daughter says/does.)

Continue researching for--and add 1k to--RS. 

Not a single word in the WIP this week--but I am cutting myself slack because I added 4-5k in my final revision, which took up all of my spare time.

Marketing setup for Truth & Temptation.

Yes! Made lots of headway here. Set up a few things, like my preorder giveaway, and started a numbered outline of what I have left to do. OH, and I revealed the cover! Isn't she pretty??

Revise Truth & Temptation and send it to my final round of betas.

DONE. And I have notes back from all but one. I'll finish the final revision this week and then it's off to copy edits! (Side note: my betas are the fucking best ever. I'd seriously be lost without them.)

Take my daughter someplace fun!

We went to a toy store we'd never been to before--and it was awesome! Plus, more fun in the backyard with water-type toys :) Then my niece spent the night on Saturday night, so they had a ton of fun playing together!

2. My goals for this week:


Get up at 5:30 M-W to work for a couple hours before the peanut wakes up.


Continue researching for--and add 1k to--RS.



Truth & Temptation

to my copy editor.


Take my daughter someplace fun!


GET A TAN. (We've got a shit ton of fun things coming up, including a beach trip! Unfortunately it's to the Outer Banks where there've been, like, SIX shark attacks in the last two weeks. So much for tossing my daughter in the waves.)


Keep up with my shakeology goals & working out.


Beta read if needed.

3. A favorite line from my story: 

This is from a new scene added to

Truth & Temptation

. My heroine's about to face the disapproval of her company's CEO

who also happens to be the father of the guy she's falling in love with.

I start to slide a finger beneath the high neck of my dress

because it's suddenly itching, and I need a bit more room to breathe

but I stop myself becau

se, no. Fuck that. It's rare that I'm grateful for how much practice I have being a bitch, but in this moment, I've never been happier to have the spine I created.

4. Biggest challenge I faced this week:

I had a lot of revision to do. A


. So my sole focus was on

Truth & Temptation

instead of my romantic suspense. I miss the RS

and the next two weeks are going to make it hard to focus on it as well. Sigh.

5. Something I love about my WIP

I can't remember, it's been so long since I've looked at it, ha. But at least I love

Truth & Temptation

more than ever after these rounds of revision. The story was a hard one for me to write, because my heroine's head is not an easy one to be in, but I think I've done her justice

and the notes I've received from betas have been so, so helpful to push it as far as possible.

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