Teaser Tuesday for VIP!!

So, yay! It's the last Tuesday before VIP (Rock & Release, Act I) comes out!!!

I...can't believe the first part of my book launches in a week.

AND. If you want to be a part of the release week blitz, you can sign up here!

Anyway, here's the teaser!!

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Also going on in my life this week?

My dad has bursitis in his elbow and it. is. excruciating. So I've been staying with him during the days, because my mom's out of town, to help out with stuff.

The lil one has an ear infection and I haaaate it for her :(

Lots of pre-release prep stuff, like interviews and making playlists to share and figuring out which excerpts to release into the wild! PLUS early reviews are coming in and...it's really surreal that I have something out there to be reviewed. AND some of the early readers have been emailing me and I adore them. Like, not even about book stuff. Just life. They're awesome.


Okay, that's all. Happy Tuesday! xo

OH WAIT. I forgot to share my last teaser here on the blog. So I'm pasting it below. And then that's all. For real. xo again.