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So. Go get you some.

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just have an awesome Friday and take a peek at this little excerpt from a scene where Cassidy's had maaaaybe just a touch too much to drink. But not so much that she can't still...enjoy herself. :)

I wonder if he's going to kiss me. 

I hope he's going to kiss me. 

I try to convey the message with my eyes, but he's a little blurred around the edges and I'm not sure I'm even focusing exactly where I should be, much less able to send any sort of meaning through a glance. 

He keeps talking, talking, talking. Something about bands. Something about where he's from. Something, something, something, but I keep forgetting his words the moment they breeze through his mouth. 

He's asking me questions. I'm giving him answers, though I can't be certain of their accuracy. We're laughing a lot, so I must be keeping him entertained. Or maybe it's the other way around. 

It's quiet for a beat too long—he's waiting for me to say something else, to answer a question, but I've lost track of all our words again. 

And he's meeting my eyes and then gazing lower toward my mouth. I realize I'm biting my lip, but it's got his attention so I keep it between my teeth, tugging a little. 

"There you go distracting me again." His mouth parts into a wolfish grin. "But this time you're doing it on purpose, aren't you?" 


, I almost tell him, but Demi Jade's first chords strike through the air, interrupting the word before it has a chance to come out. 

"So much for making the concert," I say instead. 

"So much for it," he agrees. 

We stare at each other for a moment that yawns out into eons. One second we're listening to Demi Jade sing about her lost lover and the next the world goes silent around me. There's an electric pause—like that moment after a violent thunderclap, when everything else is sucked away—and then my mouth is on his, or his is on mine, and he's teasing my lips with his tongue. I let him in, and he tastes like beer and like salt and like mint. 

Jesus, he's talented with his tongue. 

His hands wrap around my waist and he yanks me toward him and my hands are in his hair and I want to eat his fucking mouth, he tastes so good.

Happy Friday, y'all! xo