Cover reveal for VIP!!

So excited to get to share my cover for VIP (Rock & Release, Act I) today! Designed by Okay Creations (who's basically a rock star among cover artists) and love, love, loved by me :)

In case you hadn't heard, VIP releases IN TWO WEEKS. November 17th. And it's only $0.99!!

AND stick around because I'll be revealing the covers for the final two acts (Starstruck & Show Stopper) VERY SOON.


is the first act of the three part sexy romance serial, Rock & Release.  The final two acts, Starstruck and Show Stopper, will release on December 1 and December 15.

Also, VIP's up for preorder on amazon now. I'm just gonna drop that lil fact and walk away. <3

Oh, and the link. Just gonna drop this lil preorder link and walk away. xo

VIP (Rock & Release, Act I)

Oh, wait. Lies. ONE MORE THING: It should be up for preorder soon on other vendors, too, if amazon isn't your thing. Check back for updates!

For real. Out this time.

xo, again.